The meeting took place on January 17, 2018 at the facilities of the General Directorate of Communication, Content and Technology Networks, Electronic Commerce and Platforms -GD CONNECT, European Commission, Brussels.

Researchers from the BRECHA Group, Mrs. M├│nica Vi├▒aras, Magdalena Pretel, Mar├şa S├ínchez and Carmen Llorente met with Mr. Werner Stengg, Director of the Unit, and later with Mr. Juan Arregui Mc Gullion, Chief of Policies, GD of Communication Networks, Content and Technology (CONNECT), working group CNECT.H4 “Administration and Electronic ┬áTrust”.

The objective of these meetings was to conduct two interviews with these European experts in e-commerce, e-administration and trust. These activities are the continuation of the focus groups that were carried out in 2017 with different actors involved in the access of older people to ICT, especially with technology-based companies, representatives of the Administration or companies that have specific actions for this group of population and experts from the academia.

In an atmosphere of great cordiality, the European officials provided the researchers with valuable information; both the electronic commerce situation and the status, problems and future of the e-government in Europe were analyzed, together with the most advanced experiences and the existing regulation on these issues in Europe.

The meeting finished with the compromise of exchanging information about the group’s activities in Spain and getting also informed about the activities on this topic that could┬á take place in Europe.